Hook Your Keurig Coffee Brewer to a Direct Water Line

How to Connect Your Keurig Brewer to a Direct Water Line

Time needed: 30 minutes.

Have you ever wanted an easier, quicker way to refill your Keurig’s water reservoir? Well, there is one!

This guide walks you through the process and teaches you the information you need to know in order to connect your Keurig coffee brewer directly to your home or office’s water line, so that you can enjoy hassle free refills every time!

To begin, the first question you might be wondering is:

Can My Brewer be Connected to a Direct Water Line?

  • The short answer is: Yes. Any brewer can be directly connected to a water line. The type and model brewer you have, however, determines how easy the installation process will be. If you want to learn more about this, you can check out this article I wrote, but it essentially boils down to the following question:

Is your coffee brewer compatible with a Direct Water Line Plumb Kit?

  • A Plumb Kit is basically a fancy water reservoir (usually sold separately from the brewer) which allows you to hook your Keurig Coffee Maker directly into your water supply. If your brewer is compatible with a Direct Water Line Plumb Kit, it will be a fairly simple process. If not don’t fret, I’ll show you below how to get your coffee machine all nice and plumbed to your water supply (although, admittedly, it will be a bit more tedious process).

So, what brewers are compatible with the Direct Water Line Plumb Kit?

  • Keurig brewer models B150, K150, K155, B155, K150P, B150P, K2500, K3000, K3000SE, B3000, B3000SE, and Keurig OfficePro Premier Commercial Brewing Systems are all compatible with the Keurig Plumb Kits. All other brewer models are not currently compatible with the Plumb Kit and thus must be connected via an alternative route (explained below).

Now that you know whether your brewer will work with the Keurig Water Line Plumb Kit, you can find instructions on hooking up your brewer in the appropriate section below.

  • If your brewer IS compatible with the plumb kit, click here to jump to the appropriate next step below.
  • If your model is NOT compatible with the plumb kit, click here to find out what your other available options are.

Connect Your Brewer to a Water Line with a Plumb Kit

Your Keurig coffee maker is compatible with a Plumb Kit, great! This certainly simplifies things.

The following instructions will guide you through the process of getting your brewer hooked to your home or office’s water supply in no time!

Install Keurig Plumb Kit Reservoir

  1. Get a Direct Water Line Plumb Kit

    You can buy these anywhere online, just be sure to shop around for the best price. I find that Amazon usually has the best prices on these.

    *NOTE: If your brewer model is the Keurig K2500, K3000, K3000SE, B3000, B3000SE, K150P or B150P, there is no need to buy a Plumb Kit as your Brewer already has one installed! In fact, the “P” in the model number stands for “Plumbed”. You can also skip the step below on installation, since your brewer came pre-installed with the Direct Water Line Plumb Kit.

  2. Install the Plumb Kit on Your Keurig Brewer

    To get your new Keurig Plumb Kit installed on your brewer, simply follow the instructions I’ve provided in this article called Install a Direct Water Line Plumb Kit.

    *NOTE: You will be replacing your old water tank with this new one, which is direct water line connection capable.

  3. Buy the Required Parts & Connectors

    Despite being called a “Kit” the Direct Water Line Plumb Kit is only a water reservoir (albeit one that is capable of being connected to a water line). You will still need to purchase some additional parts and connectors separately, as they are not included with the Plumb “Kit”.

    You will need:
    1) a Keurig Water Line Adapter with Elbow,
    2) some 1/4 Inch Water Line Tubing, and
    3) optional water filter set (if you want to filter your water)

    Here’s a link to where you can purchase all three of the above in one convenient kit, or you can purchase them separately if you want to save some money.

  4. Complete the Installation Process

    Check out this article and follow the instructions contained there in order to complete the process of installing the direct water line filter kit on your Keurig brewer.


Direct Water Line Hookup WITHOUT a Keurig Direct Water Line Plumb Kit

So your Keurig is not one of the Plumb Kit capable models, that’s okay! No worries. You can still connect your brewer to a Direct Water Line, with the right parts. And there is no need to run to Lowe’s or Home Depot to do so.

I’ve recently discovered this Do It Yourself Filter Kit available for sale which contains all the parts, equipment, and instructions you’ll need to connect ANY brewer to your water supply. Note also that that kit also has the added bonus of filtering your water to!

For those of you who are the handy type and prefer to purchase the parts separately, I’ll be updating this post later with a guide for finding the necessary parts at your local hardware store.

I’ll be updating this post soon with some answers to common questions I’ve seen asked about the whole process, so check back soon or comment below and I’ll try to answer your questions as soon as I can.

I hope this guide helped someone out there!




Questions or Comments?

  1. Linda with a K-Cafe

    Hi John. Any experience out there with the K-Cafe version? I love that your kit filters before going into the unit because aside from the convenience of a direct line, I live in the tropics and the filter gets moldy easily. Any advice you could offer would be most appreciated. And thanks for this forum.

    1. John

      Hey Linda, the K-Cafe brewer can only be connected to a direct water line using the Do-It-Yourself Water Filter Kit method. Please note that this method requires drilling a small, but inconspicuous hole near the top of the K-Cafe water reservoir.

  2. Nicole

    I have a keurig duo. Can this be connected via a waterline?

    1. John

      Hey Nicole, the for the K-Duo machine, the only option for direct water line connection is to install the Do-It-Yourself Water Filter Kit. Note that by utilizing this method, you will need to drill a small hole near the top of the K-Duo’s water tank reservoir.

  3. Molly

    I’d like to buy the Keurig K-cafe special edition unit. Do you know if this model can be adapted to accept a direct water line?

  4. Bob

    Hi there I just bought a keurig k duo for my wife and plan to buy a filter kit and hook it directly to a water supply for k duo and the fridge. Can you please let me know the best filter system and water hook up kit for my needs

  5. Amanda Edler

    I have the LG dual ice maker frig. There is the big ½” water line coming out of the wall into the frig, then there are three lines coming up the frig, an orange one which only goes to the freezer part so assuming that’s the water line for the ice maker in the freezer, then two white lines going up to back of frig I assume one is the ice maker line and one is the water line. They are two different sizes. I used the one that was the same size as the water line in the kit I bought. I inserted the tee into the water line the fed it to the filter, from the filter I ran additional water line to the coffee maker shut off valve. Once it was set up I turned on the water. Then turned on the valve to fill the coffee maker reservoir. It didn’t work. I checked the water dispenser on the front of the frig. I got water and every time I get water from the frig the water line in the coffee reservoir begins to fill as soon as I stop getting water the valve on the coffee reservoir stops. Ughhhh….. so I can’t figure out how to make it work by turning the shutoff valve on to fill it. The water seems to be controlled by the frig! Help please. 😩

    1. John

      Hey Amanda, the problem sounds to me like you installed the tee at the wrong location. You may need to install it prior to the water line entering the fridge. Then you tee off to your coffee maker. That way the line to the coffee maker is not controlled by the fridge.

  6. Tony

    Does, the Keurig K 4000. Comes with the water line filter kit please respond. Thanks

    1. John

      Hi Tony, as far as I know the K4000 brewer does not come with the water line filter kit. This would have to be purchased separately.

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