Descaling & Cleaning Your Keurig K1500 Brewer

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Scale, or calcium deposits, will eventually build up in your Keurig brewer, especially if the mineral content of your water is high.

Over time, this can affect the taste and quality of your favorite beverages. Although non-toxic, if left untreated scale can hinder your coffee maker’s performance. This is why it’s important to regularly descale your brewer, at least every 3 to 6 months.

To descale your Keurig K1500 brewer, you will need a large coffee mug (not a paper cup), fresh water, some good quality Descaling Solution, and access to a sink.

  1. Dump the current water (if any) from your brewer’s reservoir tank

    If you have a water filter installed, remove it and set it aside.

  2. Power your brewer off

    Turn your K1500 machine off by pressing the power button.

  3. Pour a whole bottle of Keurig Descaling Solution into your K1500’s water tank

    Next, fill the empty descaling solution bottle with water and pour the water into the reservoir.

  4. Turn your brewer back on

    Power the brewer back on by pressing the power button.

  5. Run the descaling cycle

    Place your large coffee mug on the drip tray and cleanse the brewer by selecting the largest brew size and brewing hot water into the mug. When finished, dump the hot water from the mug into the sink.

  6. Repeat the descaling cycle

    Repeat the above step until the “Add Water” message displays on your K1500 brewer’s screen. Now let brewer sit for about half an hour while still turned on. If there is any remaining solution, discard it and be sure to rinse your water tank well.

  7. Run the final cleansing cycles

    Fill your clean water reservoir with fresh water. Set a large coffee mug on your drip plate and run another cleansing brew by selecting the largest available brew option. Empty the brewed water from the mug into your sink. Repeat this process 11 more times, or until the water reservoir tank is empty.

  8. You’re done!

    Your brewer is all clean and ready to brew fresh, delicious coffee.



Questions or Comments?

  1. Jessica

    What descaling solution do you recommend and where do I buy?

    1. John

      Hi Jessica:

      To descale and clean your Brewer, I usually stick to the PureWater Filters branded Descaling Solution, as I’ve found that it tends to work better than others, specifically when it comes to cleaning the internal components of the brewer. If you are just looking for a light clean you can always use something like white vinegar if you’d like.

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