Keurig K150 vs K150P: What’s the Difference?

What’s the Difference Between the Keurig K150 and K150P?

The difference lies in the water reservoir. The K150 water reservoir is a simple pour-over tank, whereas the K150P water reservoir contains special mechanical components, including a float valve, which allow for it to be directly connected to a direct water line (and optional filter kit).

The “P” in K150P denotes a “plumbed” version of the brewer, which means that it comes pre-installed with a Keurig Direct Water Line Plumb Kit. The Plumb Kit allows you to easily connect your brewer to your home or office’s water supply, enabling the water reservoir to automatically refill with water after each brew, without the need to manually refill the water tank.

Note that if you purchase a Keurig K150 brewer, and later want to convert it to a plumbed version, it’s as simple as swapping the pour-over reservoir it came with with a Keurig Plumb Kit. All you’ll need to do is buy a Plumb Kit Reservoir (sold separately) and follow these instructions on installing a Keurig Plumb Kit on a K150 brewer. When finished, you’ve essentially turned your Keurig K150 into a K150P!

UPDATE: It appears Keurig has discontinued the K150 and K150P brewers, along with the Direct Water Line Plumb Kit Reservoirs as well. To replace these brewers, Keurig recently introduced their plumbable K2500 brewer model which does not require you to buy a separate Plumb Kit. If you have the Keurig K2500 brewer, you will only need this Direct Water Line Filter Kit.

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