Troubleshooting Your Keurig K150 or B150 Brewer

My Keurig K150 / B150 brewer won’t turn on. What should I do?

If your brewer won’t turn on, go through the following steps in order. In my experience, I’ve found that following these steps fixes most brewer power issues about 75% of the time.

First, start with the obvious: is your brewer connected to power? Make sure the cord is plugged into the wall, and that the outlet is not broken and is receiving power. You may wish to try resetting your circuit breaker, or even plugging in a phone charger to test the outlet and make sure the problem isn’t caused by the outlet itself. Finally, verify that the power switch/button on the brewer is turned to the ON position.

Once you’ve verified that your K150 or B150 is plugged into a working outlet and the power button is switched to the ON position, then I recommend trying the following: unplug your Keurig from the outlet and remove the reservoir. Let it sit unplugged for an hour. Oddly enough I’ve found that sometimes the issue can be fixed with the reservoir removed. This is sometimes the case particularly when you have a Direct Water Line Plumb Kit installed on your K150, B150, K150P, or B150P brewer.

If that still doesn’t work, you may just be out of luck. Hopefully though your brewer is still under warranty and you can get the issue resolved by getting in touch with the Keurig, the manufacturer.

My Keurig B150 or K150 brewer shuts on/off randomly. How do I fix this?

If your Keurig is powering on or turning off randomly, there are a couple things that I can think of that might cause this. First, go ahead and make sure that you don’t have the brewer programmed to turn on or off automatically. Using your brewer’s menu screen, press the button labeled “MENU” located below where it says “MENU.” Now take a look through the various programming options to make sure you don’t have the Automatic Off/On functionality enabled. Under where it says “Auto Off” timer you should see “OFF.” If you don’t see this option at all, the next step would be to try and reset your brewer.

My Keurig K150/B150 is not brewing. How do I fix this?

Firstly, you’ll want to make sure that your water reservoir tank (or Plumb Kit reservoir) is fully connected to the base of your Keurig. If it is not correctly seated or if it is misaligned it will not intake enough water into the brewer. You’ll also want to verify that your water tank is full with water, otherwise it won’t brew. Second, it’s possible that your water filter (if you have one) is in need of replacement. Lastly, it’s possible that your exit needle or entrance needle may be clogged with debris. You can clean out a clogged exit needle by inserting a paperclip inside the needle hole and clear out any coffee grounds or gunk blocking the needle. I also recommend using one of these descaling pods regularly to prevent buildup and remove the sticky residue that resides inside the K-Cup chamber puncture needle over time.

My Keurig K150 or B150 brewer is leaking water. How do I fix this?

This is a relatively common problem which can be caused by issues with the water reservoir, the filter kit fittings (if you have a Direct Water Line Filter Kit installed), or the K150 or B150 brewer’s internals. If you have a filter kit installed, I recommend you turn off your water supply and make sure that all the water lines are pushed COMPLETELY into their connector fittings. If this doesn’t fix the leak, try removing the Plumb Kit reservoir and reinstalling it, ensuring that it is all the way in the brewer’s base and fits snugly. If it’s still leaking after this, do a more thorough inspection to figure out where exactly you think the leak is coming from. Does it still leak when the Plumb Kit is disconnected? This could indicate an issue with the O-Ring seal in your brewer, which could be broken or loose, resulting in water leaking from the bottom of your K150 or B150. On the other hand, if you can visually confirm that the leak appears to be coming from the filter itself, this could be a problem with the threading of the filter housing unit (head). To fix this, try bypassing the water filtration system by disconnecting the line from the “in” side and disconnecting the “out” line from the black nozzle and elbow. Finally, reconnect the “in” side line directly to the nozzle and elbow. If it no longer leaks, then the issue is most likely coming from where the water filter screws into the head. Depending on the brand of filter kit you bought, you may want to contact the manufacturer to get the necessary  replacement parts. If you happen to have the PureWater Filters brand, they will replace all parts for life, so I would advise contacting them contacting them for any needed parts.

My Keurig brewer is making a clicking sound or popping noise. How do I fix this?

If your Keurig machine is being noisy, either by making clicking noises, popping sounds, or just generally being loud and obnoxious, this could mean a few different things. The two questions you need to be concerned with are: 1) is your Keurig able to be powered on, and 2) whether or not your machine is still brewing a normal amount of coffee. If your brewer is still powering on and brewing an appropriate amount of coffee, then it’s possible the noise is just a natural, albeit slightly annoying, part of the machine’s functions. It’s perfectly natural to expect some degree of noise with many of these brewers. However, if your brewer is not powering on, or if it’s brewing short cups or nothing at all, then it’s very clear there is a mechanical issue at bay.

If your Keurig is powering on okay, but it’s making strange noises and not brewing the correct amount of liquid, it’s very likely that your brewing needle is clogged and in dire need of being cleaned and/or descaled. In this case, I recommend you follow the steps I wrote down in my article on descaling and cleaning your Keurig brewer. As always, I highly recommend using a descaling solution designed for commercial brewers, rather than the ones designed for just home use.

If your Keurig is making weird clicking or clacking sounds and it is NOT powering on, then I hate to say it but it’s not looking good. In my experience I find about half of the time this may indicate something irreparably wrong with the brewer’s internals. In this case, I recommend you first follow the instructions provided above in the sections titled “My Keurig K150 / B150 brewer won’t turn on. What should I do?” and “My Keurig K150/B150 is not brewing. How do I fix this?” If these do not fix the issue, then I would suggest you contact the manufacturer, as your brewer might still be under warranty.

My Keurig is not brewing full cups of coffee, or my brewer is only brewing half or partial cups. How do I fix this?

If your Keurig brewer isn’t brewing full cups of coffee, there are a few reasons to explore. First, does your Keurig brew a regular stream of water when there is no pod in place? If your machine is only brewing partial cups or experiencing slow or weak streams when a K-cup coffee pods is in the brew chamber, it most likely means that your puncture needle is clogged. Over time, beverage residues build up in the needle and clog it. Try taking a paperclip and inserting it into the puncture needle to clear out any debris. If, on the other hand your brewer is still not brewing completely even without a pod in the holder, you should descale your brewer with a descaling solution for commercial brewers for good measure as well as cleaning the puncture needle.


Questions or Comments?

  1. Danixa

    The press
    When I press the Button on top to brew coffee, nothing happens. The light is on so clearly it’s not the plug/electricity. Help.

    1. John

      Hi Danixa, is the Brew button flashing before you press the button?

  2. Jennifer

    Out plumbed in keurig says to lift water reservoir, but there is not one. I have disconnected the filter, and there is water in it, and have disconnected the hose leading into the machine, and water is entering, but still no water brews out.

    1. John

      Hey Jennifer, have you tried removing the water reservoir and reinstalling it to ensure that it is properly seated on the base of your brewer? If you have a plumb kit reservoir, you will first need to remove a single screw on the bottom of your brewer which holds the reservoir to the brewer’s base.

  3. Pam

    Our k150 brewer, brews very slowly. Will a new filter improve volume of water delivered to the k-cup>

    1. John

      Hi Pam, yes! When was the last time you changed your water filter? I recommend changing the commercial filters every 6 months. If you haven’t changed your filter in about a year and/or you have especially hard water then I would definitely see if a new filter fixes your problem. Let me know how it works.

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