Descaling & Cleaning Your Keurig K-Supreme K910 or K-Supreme Plus K920 Brewer

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Scale, or calcium deposits, start building up in your Keurig coffee maker over time, and this is especially true your water has a high mineral content.

Eventually, this buildup of chemicals can affect the taste and quality of your brewed coffee beverages. Although non-toxic, if left untreated, scale will hinder your coffee maker’s performance. This is why I always highly recommended to descale your brewer at least every 3 to 6 months.

To descale your Keurig K910 (K-Supreme) or Keurig K920 (K-Supreme Plus) brewer, you will need a large ceramic coffee mug (not a paper cup), access to fresh water, and a sink.

  1. Prepare the Coffee Machine for Descaling

    Drain any water currently in your water reservoir tank into the sink. You’ll want your water reservoir empty. You’ll also want to ensure that there is not a K-Cup pod inside the pod holder. Finally, place a large ceramic mug on your Keurig’s drip tray to collect the dispensed descaling solution.

  2. Add Descaling Solution

    Remove the top cover from your water tank and pour an entire bottle of Keurig Descaling Solution into the top. You can also use 90 ounces of white vinegar (undiluted) if you prefer a cheaper, albeit less effective option.

    Refill the empty descaling solution bottle with water and pour the contents into the reservoir until nearly full.

  3. Activate Descaling Mode

    Your K-Supreme brewer is unique from other past Keurig models in that it has a specific “descaling mode” which you must put the brewer into prior to descaling.

    To enter descaling mode, make sure your brewer is plugged in, but powered off. Press and hold down both the 8oz and 12oz buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds.

    When you see a button light start flashing, press the BREW button once.

  4. Finish Descaling

    The solution should start brewing into your ceramic mug. When finished brewing, pour the hot contents of the mug into a sink. Repeat Step 3 above until the reservoir runs out of water, or until the “ADD WATER” light turns on.

    OPTIONAL: If you have the time, I always recommend letting the brewer sit for about a half hour while still turned on at this point. I find that it helps to let the descaling solution soak into the internal parts and clean them a bit better. This is optional, and won’t affect too much if you decide to skip into the next step right away.

  5. Run a Fresh Water Cleansing Rinse

    Finally, empty out any remaining descaling solution from your Keurig K910 / K-Supreme or Keurig K920 / K-Supreme Plus brewer’s water reservoir tank into the sink. Next, fill the reservoir all the way up to the MAX line with fresh water. Brew the water into your ceramic mug and empty into your sink until the water tank is once again empty, or until the “ADD WATER” light turns on.

    IMPORTANT: You will want to repeat this step until the “DESCALE NOW” message disappears. If you still see this message, it means your coffee machine is still stuck in “Descale Mode,” which can be rather annoying if this happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Keurig K-Supreme (K910) or K-Supreme Plus (K920) Brewer is has a “DESCALE NOW” message. How do I make it go away?

The “Descale Now” notification will display on your Keurig brewer when it is time to descale. To make this message disappear, make sure you descale your coffee maker in accordance with the above steps.

I descaled my Keurig, but the brewer is still displaying a “DESCALE NOW” message. What should I do?

This can be particularly annoying thing to see this message, especially if you already just descaled your K-Supreme brewer. It likely means that your coffee machine is still stuck in “Descale Mode,” or one of the descaling steps above was not properly followed. You will want to repeat Step 5 above until the “DESCALE NOW” message disappears.

If you have any questions about anything I didn’t address yet in this post, please leave a comment below. I will do my best to get back to you and update the post with additional tips and answers.


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