Keurig Secret Menu Access for K150, B150, K155 and B155 Brewers

Believe it or not, your Keurig K150, B150, K155, and B155 Brewers are equipped with a secret menu from which you can customize more advanced settings of your coffee maker.

To access the Keurig Secret Menu, turn off your Brewer by flipping the power switch. While holding your finger on the middle of the screen, turn the brewer back on. Continue to hold your finger on the screen for 5 seconds, until the Secret Menu appears.

You should now see a bunch of different menu options displayed on the screen.

From here, you can change your preferred Brew Temperatures, customize the Brew Sizes to display on your brewer’s main dashboard, Auto OFF options, On/Off Time, the Clock settings and Language preferences.

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Questions or Comments?

  1. Gary

    Hi I have K150P that stopped brewing . It goes through it normal , but when you hit the brew button . The machine restart its self . I disconnected the water line , the water flows fine . Next I drained both tanks . they look OK inside . There is a little bit of scaling . Now when I plug the machine it does not fill with water, the brewer is making a clicking sound and the screen flashes . ?? Any ideas ??

    1. John

      Hey Gary, try checking out the tip I mentioned in my article here from the section called “My Keurig brewer is making a clicking sound or popping noise. How do I fix this?”

  2. Jill

    K155 Pro – screen is no longer responsive. Can see the options but touching the screen does nothing. Have drained, unplugged, let rest, turned on, etc. When powered up it goes to the control screen automatically

  3. Rich Chambers

    My display went out, I can’t see anything. I’ve unplugged and waited days. Still no response. I’m thinking it lost power or died. Any ideas?

    1. John

      Hey Rich, have you verified that other devices work on that same outlet, to confirm its not an issue with the outlet itself? Also, make sure the power button is flipped in the on position. I would also try removing the water reservoir and letting it sit unplugged for an hour. Sometimes the issue can be fixed with the reservoir removed.

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