What is the Keurig K1500 Coffee Brewer?

The Keurig® K1500 Commecial Coffee Maker is the newest commercial coffee brewer on the market. It was released in December 2019. The K-1500 model replaced the Keurig K145 and Keurig K140 brewer models.

Ideal for small businesses, the K-1500 commercial brewer allows for easy beverage customization with 4 different cup sizes and has a STRONG button which allows you to increase the strength, intensity, and boldness of your coffee flavor.

Here are the K1500 brewer features:

  • Delivers freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in under a minute
  • Brews 4 cup sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12 ounces) and is large enough to accommodate a travel mug
  • The extra large 96 ounce water reservoir makes for simple cleaning and allows for less time spent refilling the reservoir
  • Keurig® Quiet Brew Technology™ minimizes brewer noise while brewing coffee
  • Programmable Auto-Off feature saves energy when you are not using it
  • Indicator lights show you when it’s time to add more water and when you need to descale your brewer
  • Internal water reservoir is drainable for quick transportation and relocation
  • High altitude setting ensures the K-1500 coffee brewer works at altitudes 5000 feet or higher
  • Engineered with commercial grade reliability
  • Includes a 1 Year Warranty

Here are the K1500 brewer specifications:

  • 12.35” Height x 12.1” Diameter x 10.25” Length
  • 10.2 Pounds in Weight

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