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Instant coffee is by far my favorite type of coffee to drink. This may be quite a shock to some, and I’m often asked- “John, you’re an expert on coffee, how could you like instant?” Contrary to what you might have heard, instant coffee is not inferior to ground coffee. In fact, there are many advantages to instant coffee that just cannot be said for ground or whole bean formats. The secret is knowing what to look for in an instant coffee. I’ve heard all too often from self-proclaimed coffee snobs, some of whom are all too eager to sneer at topic of instant coffee, as if it were an insult to their highly refined coffee expertise. It’s quite odd, however, when I find the majority of people do not even understand how instant coffee is created or the various methods that, when done properly, can result in a fantastic cup of joe and in some instances rival even the most premium of brewed coffee.

Instant coffee is made utilizing one of two production methods: spray-drying and freeze drying. Spray-dried instant coffee is made by brewing ground coffee in the traditional manner and then spraying it into super-heated arid air using an extremely fine mister. By the time the coffee floats down to the ground, it’s formed into tiny dry granules, much smaller in size than even ground-coffee particles.

The other method is the familiar process of freeze-drying, whereby the coffee powder is made into a shelf-stable, “add water” commodity. It’s essentially a reconstituted drink. As such, I’ve found it lacks much of the complexity, and is often missing the subtle flavors and aromas that make a coffee truly unique.

Like I said, I’ve been drinking instant coffee for the last 10 years. I’ve had the opportunity to try many, many instant coffee brands during this time. I’ve also tried some new brands specifically in preparation for this article.



This is my all-time favorite instant coffee, and it’s been around since 1962! Kava is a smooth and flavorful low acid instant coffee with at least 50% less acid per cup than other leading coffee brands. Made from premium beans as well, it is a favorite among the health-conscious and those looking to avoid the effects that regular acidic coffee may have on one’s stomach, body, and health.

For an even richer cup of coffee, add creamer, or pour over ice for a refreshing summer drink. No matter how you choose to enjoy Kava, you can relax knowing your coffee has less acid per cup than other coffee brands.



 Butter-Nut instant espresso combines a blend of premium coffee beans that are roasted to perfection to achieve a well-rounded traditional espresso flavor that is smooth, dark, and robust with a gentle sweetness and incredible texture having notes of toasted caramel and chocolate.  Because of their unique roasting process and premium beans, ButterNut instant espresso can also easily dissolve in cold liquids such as almond, regular, and soy milks, water, protein shakes, smoothies, and much more.

Just add hot water or milk and after a few swirls smell the aromatic notes of traditional espresso as a lovely crema forms on top of a perfect cup of espresso. Butter-Nut instant espresso gives you a hassle-free experience that saves time and energy, especially in the morning

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